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Fulfill Your Destiny (2017 Convention Leadership Presentation)

February 2018

The Joy of Accomplishment!

This is coming in—the joy of accomplishment. You’ve all felt this joy, true or false?…

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Cheering for Me at the Finish Line: My Family!

Going downhill is not always easy, because you don’t want to run over the person…

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It’s a One-Ear Hill! Hang on!

So now it’s back on the trail again. And folks, running through the night had…

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January 2018

No Rest for the Weary

I arrived at Freddy’s check station, 52 miles into the race, on Saturday afternoon, January…

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Just Keep Going When the Going is Tough!

Now comes the time. I’m out here on my own, all alone, going through the…

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The “Greenhorn” Catches Some Air!

Once you start, just keep looking forward. On January 28, 11:40 a.m., I was out…

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Get in the Race!

So, I walked right in and I signed up. If you hesitate, you’ll start thinking…

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December 2017

Create Your Plan, Make Your Choice!

Know where you’re going and work to be ready for what’s ahead. In this case,…

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Believe in Yourself!

This is one of the things that I will say: I think social media is…

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Building Trust

That happens to be me there in the blue coat, following my leader. Follow your…

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